If you have been feeing a little out of sorts, maybe a little uneasy as if change is coming, things are about to get fruity!

The 2019 Strawberry Moon will happen on Monday, June 17th. According to NASA, it's the 6th full moon of the year and gets it's name from not only it's more colorful than normal hue, but also because to indigenous people, it was time to start picking wild strawberries.

What will this moon mean for your astrological signs? Find out!

Here is what the Strawberry Moon means for my sign - Scorpio –

Good news, better conversations, and a more even flow to your days are all that await you this full moon. Try to enjoy each moment, and look for small details that will have a big impact on your life. For example, if dancing with your friends every Friday is what makes you smile first thing on Monday morning—make time and space for that.


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