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When It comes to fair or carnival food, I think we can agree that funnel cakes are, by far, the favorite. Funnel cakes are so incredibly delicious and literally melt in your mouth. My family can't leave without getting one smothered in powdered sugar. But, compared to the gourmet funnel cakes I found in Louisville, Ky, the ones I've been eating are boring.

Two amazingly talented women, in Louisville, have a business called Sistas Funnel Cakes N' Milkshakes. They offer funnel cakes as you have never seen before. You can get the normal powdered sugar or you can design your own delicious creation. Take a look at these!

Kentucky's Gourmet Funnel Cakes Are The Sweetest Part Of Louisville

Look at all of these toppings!

I'm all about supporting female-owned businesses. The next time you are in Louisville, stop by, and design a funnel cake, or two, that you will never forget. And trust me, you will return to get one of their milkshakes too.


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