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Bacon is the best food group and now you can make it even easier!

This all started last week when I brought my bacon in for work last week. I had cooked it the night before so I could pop it in the microwave and just warm it up. Our digital managing editor was very upset I did not have enough to share. She wasn't the only one, we have several bacon lovers around the office. We even do bacon trips to a local deli to get freshly fried bacon sometimes. It's just hard to always have bacon especially at work. We could keep it in the fridge but we don't have the amenities to cook it.

Photo: Nostalgia Via Amazon
Photo: Nostalgia Via Amazon

As I was scrolling on Amazon today just seeing the daily deals, they clearly know what I like because all the sudden I see the Bacon Express. Yes, this is a bacon toaster. You can seriously cook up to 6 pieces of bacon on here at a time and it's supposed to be easy to clean. This is clearly the perfect gift for the office. Now that we have secret Santa coming up here at work, I may just have to add this to someone's list.

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