Back when, CMT had music videos on all the time. Just videos. There was a morning show on that had some daily news, but still showed music videos. Now, you hardly see that. There is a few video countdowns on the weekends, but its not like it used to be. Some videos tell the story with the song, some don't. This led me to look for some forgotten music videos.

1. Reba- Does He Love You with Linda Davis

An early one from Reba, and it has Linda Davis and its the tale of a sleazy husband. Love the video at the end, watch it. Fun fact: Linda Davis is Hillary Scott's mom. Yep, that is the same lady from Lady Antebellum.

2. Toby Keith- He Aint Worth Missing

Again, that hair!!!!

3. Sammy Kershaw- Queen of my Double wide Trailer

This one might be one of those songs that you have actually forgotten in general. I always like the song. Though I'm curious how well Sammy has aged.


4. Alan Jackson- Don't Rock the Jukebox

Though if you look at him now, and look at him when this came out, He's aged pretty well. I do like the hair styles and the clothing choices too!

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