Back in 1974, a Hungarian architecture professor created a simple arrangement of 26 cubes that became the world's best selling toy. His name is Erno Rubik and it has been more than 37 years since his namesake cube, the Rubik's Cube, made it's debut and it has sold over 350 million units. In the beginning it was rare to find anyone who could solve the mystery and even today is very difficult for novices, but pros can solve it in under a minute. The world record by the way, is 5.66 seconds.

 Conventional thinking says we view the cube as having six faces, each with nine cubes and that is where non-professionals get into trouble. It has been mathematically proven that any cube arrangement can almost always be solved in 20 moves or less, no matter how scrambled the cube is. All you and I know is that the Rubik's Cube is fun, challenging and completely frustrating. Fear not, because you too can feel the euphoria of solving the Rubik's cube by clicking here for 5 tips that should make things a lot easier for you. Just think of how popular you will be from now on at parties.