Christmas is a time for traditions and if you would like to start some new ones with your kids, here're five that are awesome and very fun!!

1. Individual wrapping paper - With this tradition, each child has different wrapping paper on their gifts. The fun is that they have no idea which gifts are theirs until Christmas morning. To figure out which gifts are theirs, they must look in the bottom of their stocking to find a small sample of their wrapping paper. I think this is so cute and adds to the magic of Christmas morning.

2. Christmas Eve Present - I plan on doing this with my grandkids because they can live anywhere and I can still share a great Christmas tradition. You simply put Christmas Pjs and anything else that they can enjoy Christmas morning into a wrapped present to open on Christmas Eve.

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3. 25 Books Of Christmas - Wrap 25 Christmas books, coloring books, sticker books or anything like that and your kids get to open one gift a before bed each night of the month of December.

Two Sisters Crafting/YouTube


4. Make Grinch Popcorn - Plan a Grinch movie night and make some yummy green Grinch Popcorn!! Get the recipe, HERE!


5. Kids Only Christmas Tree - Attach a felt tree to the wall, kid heighth, and let them attach velcro ornaments. SO cute!! get a tree and ornaments, here.