If there ever was proof that the old saying "you can't take it with you" is correct, it's this one. Explorers found an abandoned mansion with everything left behind by the deceased owner including a classic custom Corvette in the garage.

This comes courtesy of BigBankz who is one of the most popular YouTube channels for exploration of abandoned places with over 100,000 subscribers. Just a few weeks ago, this is what they shared about their recent adventure:

In todays video we explore an abandoned mansion that was once owned by a very wealthy lawyer who passed away in his 70s. He was a fan or corvettes and even had his own custom one built and he loved antiques! Sadly everything he owned was left behind in the mansion.

The fact that what used to be this man's life just sits there in silence is sad.

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You can see from the bones of it that this mansion used to be grand.

BigBankz via YouTube

When I was a kid, I would have given just about anything for a huge air hockey table like this.

BigBankz via YouTube

And then there's that vintage Vette in the garage area.

BigBankz via YouTube

Of all the YouTube comments, I agree with this one from Suzy the most:

Suzy Wilson - "The more I watch your content the more I realize how little material possessions matter when push comes to shove. Life, living, breathing souls are what matter."

Agreed. You accumulate all of this wealth in your lifetime and then eventually it means nothing.

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