Here's why you should check dates and facts before mindlessly clicking the "share" button.

Social media is a double edge sword. On one hand it connects our community like never before. On the other hand it makes the spread of fake or old news get out of control pretty quickly.

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Before hitting the "share" button on a facebook post, think twice.  Take a look at the date, when was it posted?  With the "On This Day" memories feature on Facebook it makes it easier than ever for a post to get re-shared annually.

Recently I've seen shared several times a post from 2014 about a missing woman. Her name may sound familiar, Joelle Lockwood.  Joelle went missing in July 2014, she was found nearly 2 months later.  Thankfully she was found alive, however what she endured during her 2 months being held  captive was nothing short of a nightmare.

I won't share the details of her ordeal here, Joelle, her family, and friends have been through so much, and it's time we let them put the past behind them.  While I don't know them personally, and this is purely speculation, I can't imagine it's easy for them to get on Facebook and see a post with Joelle's face on it being shared again year after year with the word  "MISSING" on it.

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So try and be more diligent before hitting "share" on Facebook. Read the full caption on posts, check the date, and if possible check the comments. If a post is false or old, many times to comments will point that out.  If you're still not sure after all of that, do a Google search.  The share button at times can be a great thing, it's a great way to spread news, many shelters have found homes for animals thanks to the sharing for posts, it can be a great way to help get attention for someone in need, and it can be a way to quickly share something that made you smile. But please be diligent.