This is definitely a feel good story of the day! And it happened right here in Evansville! 

Luke's Heart is a Facebook page dedicated to following the journey of baby Luke, who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.   His journey has captured the hearts of the community, and everyone has rallied behind Luke and his family.   Because of his condition Luke needed a heart transplant, which he ended up receiving a few short months ago.

Last year they held a golf scramble to help raise money for Luke and his family.  A local restaurant donated a bunch of $20 gift cards for the cause.  But the problem came when the restaurant reopened under new ownership they haven't been  honoring the gift cards. I've seen numerous posts all over facebook talking about this ordeal. Now I personally don't know the whole story, or totally understand why the gift cards aren't being honored, but that's really none of my business, I'm not here to judge, they may have a good reason for not being able to honor the gift cards.  Regardless of the fact, people who were a part of the golf scramble and donated their time and money to help Luke, got a small thank you of dinner on them. So understandably they were upset when their gift cards weren't honored.

Now here comes the good part, and instead of focusing on the negative, let's focus on the good! Ever since the posts have been all over facebook, a few area restaurants have stepped up to help out! One being Toast, their owner posted to facebook that Toast will be honoring the gift cards. I think that's so great, and it makes my heart happy to see the community rallying together to show support!

Today on the facebook page Tri-State Restaurant Reviews this post showed up, and it also made my heart happy!

Tri-State Reviews Facebook

While, I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. McQuinn's tragic loss, I think it's amazing that he is honoring his son's memory, by showing such supporting Luke's Heart.  I love to see this kind of support for each other in the Tri-State, it gives me the warm and fuzzies! I'll be sure to stop by Toast and Cheddars for some delicious food this weekend!

If you'd like to help support Luke's Heart, you can check out their upcoming Goodwill prom, here!


****** UPDATE*******

Since writing this post SEVERAL other area restaurants have posted that they will also honor the golf scramble gift cards

Here's the places I've seen on the Tri-State Restaurant Reviews Facebook page

  • Evansville Hooters (Kitchen Manager Don Krohn posted on the page.)
  • Schaums Pizza (According to the post their owner said he would accept gift cards)
  • Bob Evans on Evansville's east side (John McEwen the General Manager posted on the page they would honor the gift cards)
  • Waltons (Brian Buxton made  a post saying he spoke with  Tim Mills who said he would also honor the gift cards)