It Takes A Village Canine Rescue has made headlines the past few days after a stray mama dog came in, clearly she was still nursing and had pups somewhere. They took the mama back to the area she was found time and time again, and even offered a reward for the puppies, but the story has taken a twist. 

ITV posted an update stating after some good samaritans returned one puppy, they believe the puppies were illegally sold too young, and the mama was dumped.  Basically some really mean human decided to breed her to make a quick buck, sell off her pups too young (did you know in the state of Indiana it's ILLEGAL to sell a puppy younger than 8 weeks old??) and then they dumped the mom because she was no longer of use to them.

The worst part?  This isn't uncommon. Rescues see this all the time. It's a sad story. Luckily like ITV said, they did have one person return one puppy, so that pup will be healthy and fed from mama like it needs to be.

They named the mama Faith. If you think you may know someone who unknowingly bought one of her pups, they will take the pup in no questions asked.

Here's the full post.

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