We all know the world can be a hateful, ugly place sometimes, but this is a great reminder there are good people in the world, doing nice things for others, even though they might not always get the attention they deserve.

Case in point, Alisha and her sister Katelyn Zimmerman of Evansville decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather we enjoyed last Friday and took Alisha's young daughter, Evelyn, down to Mickey's Kingdom for a fun-filled day on the playground. As Alisa posted on Facebook later that evening, things were going great, and "Evelyn was having a blast." But, as kids are known to do, Evelyn fell down. Nine out of 10 times when a kid falls down, they pop back up and get right back into doing whatever it was they were doing. However, as any of us with kids know all too well, there is that one time where it's a little more serious. This was that one time.

According to Alisha's post, Evelyn fell and hit her head on a piece of the playground's equipment which opened a nasty gash across her forehead, and began to bleed considerably. It was clear to both Alisha and Katelyn this injury would require more medical attention than the standard band-aid and mommy's kisses. Katelyn called an ambulance while a panicked Alisha tried to find anything she could to hold against the cut and slow the bleeding. Before they knew it, a young woman had "swooped in," as Alisha put it, offered her shirt to help wipe the blood from Evelyn's face, and ran to her car to get water and bandages. But her assistance didn't stop there. She stayed with the Zimmerman's until the ambulance arrived, singing the Baby Shark theme to Evelyn while reassuring Alisha she was doing a good job taking care of her daughter.

Help arrived and Evelyn did need a few stitches to close the wound, and when all was said and done, the Good Samaritan was gone, and Alisha couldn't remember if she had even thanked her for the help. So, she took to Facebook to tell her story and ask for help tracking the young woman down. Sunday evening, she found her.

Just before 7:00 p.m. Briona Hurm commented on Alisha's post to say she was glad Evelyn was doing well, reassured her that she acted the same way any mom would, and that sometimes God puts people in the right place at the right time. Alisha responded with a great deal of thanks and appreciation for Briona's assistance, and offered to buy her coffee sometime, which Briona was open to.

It's easy to watch the news, or scroll through social media, and think nobody likes anybody, and the only people we care about is ourselves. I'm just as guilty as anyone in getting caught up in it, and it is exhausting. Yes, there are a lot of issues to deal with, and we all don't get along, but when I see stories like these, it reminds me there is hope, and it's not as bad as we may think it is.

So allow me to thank you Alisha and Briona for that reminder. I hope the chance meeting between the two of you becomes a long-time friendship.

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