The Tri-State Food Bank has never been needed more than they have in the last couple of months. The quarantine and shut-down caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and created a need for food like we've never seen before.

"Food Insecurity" is a term that we are all learning about, and unfortunately, it's a term many families are experiencing for the first time in their lives. Luckily, for all the families in need, we have the Tri-State Food Bank, which has been providing much needed meals for Tri-State families since 1982. The great thing about the Food Bank is their ability to stretch a dollar way farther than we can. In fact, for every dollar donated, the Food Bank can provide seven meals!

Keep this in mind though, the Tri-State Food Bank is only as good as the donations they receive - they couldn't do what they do without the support of the community. We've seen so many examples of the community stepping up to help during this time of great need, and today the Tri-State Food Bank is all smiles after receiving their latest donation.

LyondellBasell announced that they have donated $50,000 to the Tri-State Food Bank - according to my math, that will allow the Food Bank to provide an additional 350,000 meals! This donation is part of a larger, $1.3 million global donation to support food banks in 17 countries and communities where the company has major operations.

Local Site Manager for LyondellBasell, Mark Wargel, says, “The services the Tri-State Food bank offers is critical. We hope this donation helps them continue their mission during this difficult time when needs are high.

Glenn Roberts is the Tri-State Food Bank's Executive Director. He says, “The result of this ongoing crisis is that every day more and more people are finding themselves in need of basic resources like food. Our priority is keeping our community fed, and we appreciate the contribution from LyondellBasell to help us to do just that.

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