And just like that Friday the Evansville Holiday Inn Airport closed for business. Those who were staying at the Hotel had to find other places to stay. There wasn't  a lot of information about why the sudden closure although the decision came from the Holiday Inn parent company Omninet Capital located in Los Angles.

Employees were given 30 days pay and hotel guests were placed in other hotels at Holiday Inn's expense.

It should probably be pointed out that Evansville has a new Hilton Doubletree downtown with two other hotels going up this year. The new Hyatt will be managed by the same company that ran the Evansville Holiday Inn.

Some people have reported the hotel was lacking in routine repairs recently and cooling had gone out in some of the building.

UPDATE-The word is circulating that the Inn will become an assisted living facility in the next few months.

Will the "Nation's Innkeeper" re-open in it's new capacity?? We'll let you know. Meanwhile if you have reservations - better cancel and move elsewhere.


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