This popped up in my newsfeed, and I was so proud of our younger generation. The amount of compassion this young man has, and the words in his song really convey a powerful message. 

The Facebook page of a young man named "DrippyKid Camo" has a video that has been shared hundreds of times on facebook.  The video is of a young man rapping about bullying, and a tribute to Roman, the 15 year old who recently took his life due to relentless bullying. Now I know this is a country music station, and this young man does a free style rap, but I'm sharing it because you should really take a listen to the words.  He speaks from the heart about bullying.

It's really great though to see this young man come out and really speak from his heart about the issues that bullying causes. I spoke with Camo, and he said if you'd like to reach out to him you can on his Twitter @812Camo

My heart goes out to Roman's family and friends, I can't imagine the pain they feel.

Also, heads up, there is some harsh language in the song.

After the release of the song above, I also saw this video from a young man named Kai, he too, has an anti bullying message he shares through his song.

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