Your mama may live in Evansville, but it's not her job to clean up the streets after you. If you have trash you need to throw away, don't throw it out onto the street, it's really common courtesy! Evansville Downtown Alliance hilariously shamed "Corey" who left his Starbucks downtown! 

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Littering is seriously the laziest thing someone can do. All it takes is finding a trash can to avoid leaving trash on the side of the road. The city has enough to worry about without having to also add your laziness to the list.

Recently Evansville Downtown Alliance found a Starbucks cup on the side of Main Street the other day. Thankfully Starbucks uses your name for orders, so the cup was left by someone named Corey.  Of course the Evansville Downtown Alliance cares for the community, and they realized this must have been an utter mistake that Corey's cup was left on the side of Main Street, and certainly he must be looking for it.  I mean it does have Corey's name on it after all!

In all seriousness, this was a funny tongue in cheek reminder to just throw away your trash.  It's not that hard to find a trash can.

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