Myriad Brewing Company in Downtown Evansville is known for serving up a variety of delicious locally brewed beers. They always have a little bit of something for everyone on tap.  And they've been making strides in the local brewing scene as just recently they announced they'll be building a second taproom in Newburgh. It's always cool to see a local business not only thrive but grow! and this business serves up something I very much enjoy delicious local brews.

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Recently they posted on the Myriad Facebook page about their spent grain and what they do with it and I thought this was pretty cool.  Their spent grain goes to a local farm to feed cows and pigs. Local helping local, I love to see it! Here's what Myriad said about the spent grain:

The farm animals are going to be happy this weekend! All of our spent grain from brewing goes to a local farm to feed cows and pigs. This is a common practice by most small breweries across the globe. The grain is very nutritious for the animals, and they absolutely love eating it! #smallbrewery #Supportlocal

Now if you're like me and not totally up on the brewing process (I leave that to my friend Devon who happens to be the badass brewer behind the scenes at Myriad) I wasn't totally sure what "spent grain" actually is. I went to the ole Google machine and found an article by talking about spent grain. Basically spent grain is the compact waste of malt and/or grains left after mashing and lautering in a brewery. These grains can no longer be used to brew beers, however, they are nutritious and great for many farm animals!

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