Officials with Animal Control in Evansville are concerned about this deceptive activity to try and take advantage of pet owners.

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Beware of Pet Scam Calls Impersonating Animal Care & Control

Recently, Evansville Animal Care & Control has been overwhelmed with distressing reports of pet owners receiving misleading phone calls regarding the whereabouts and condition of their beloved pets. These calls, often claiming that pets have been found injured, deceased, or in need of examination, have been causing significant distress to those who have already been anxiously searching for their missing companions.

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Safety Tips from Evansville Animal Control

Payment Procedures:

Please be aware that the shelter staff would never request payment through cash apps or any other electronic payment platforms. All payments related to pet reclaims are to be made in person at our shelter during the time of reclaim. If anyone asks you to transfer money through Zelle or any similar service, it is not a legitimate request from the shelter.

Identification of Officers:

The Evansville Animal Control Officers will always identify themselves as "Officer" followed by their last name when contacting pet owners.

Veterinary Examination:

It's essential to know that Evansville Animal Care & Control does not have a veterinarian on staff who examines every animal brought into the shelter.  If you are told otherwise, it is likely a fraudulent call.


If you ever have doubts about the authenticity of a call or communication claiming to be from the shelter, please do not hesitate to contact their office directly (812) 435-6015. They are available to verify the legitimacy of any messages or calls you receive regarding your lost pet.


The safety and well-being of your pets are of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to providing accurate and trustworthy information to assist in reuniting owners with their furry companions. Please share this information with fellow pet owners in our community to ensure that no one falls victim to these fraudulent schemes.

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