After a great weekend celebrating the 30th Wrestlemania, I was so glad that one of my favorite Superstars of all time was finally honored in the WWE Hall of Fame.  I got to see The Ultimate Warrior on my TV for the first time in years on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Unfortunately, on Tuesday, he tragically passed away at the age of 54.

Watch the Warrior beat Hulk Hogan for the WWE Title at Wrestlemania 6 in Toronto.  This is still one of my favorite Wrestlemania matches of all time, and I watched it live on Pay-Per-View.

This is one of the greatest surprise moments ever in wrestling, as The Ultimate Warrior returns after a long hiatus to save Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 8 in Indianapolis.  I was there and the sound was the loudest I've ever heard!  I remember trying to yell at my dad who was right next to me, "It's the Warrior!" and he still couldn't hear me.

Here was the promo from this past Monday, the first time, Warrior had appeared on Raw since 1996.  It's eerie that he said these words, but I'm so glad we got to see him one more time before his untimely death.

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