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A name that came out of the blue and is starting to get really familiar really quick in the country world is Elvie Shane. His debut song is called "My Boy." It's written about his stepson, who he has adopted and is raising as his own. The song shot up the country charts to No. 1 and he came in to talk to us about it.

Elvie is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is very humble and you can tell he lives and breathes his music and his faith. I wanted to know how his stepson is liking the newfound fame, with the song written about him and all. Elvie was telling me that the song was written like 9 years ago, and his stepson is now in high school. He said it's really helping him start the school year right, with his "Pops" having a song on the radio. He then went on to tell me that his son asked him for a specific first car, since the song has been so successful, and it was about him, after all. Elvie had to explain to him that's not quite how it works — in a funny way, of course.

We also talked about Elvie's wife, whom he is very fond of. They have a great relationship and support what one another do. Elvie has his debut album called Backslider coming out this week, so we also had a lot to talk about with him on that topic. It turns out his mom and dad are a big part of the music, too!

A bonus to this episode is our interview with Jameson Rodgers. Jameson has a No. 1 hit song with Luke Combs called "Cold Beer Calling My Name," which I see as a great ode to the hard-working American. I asked him what his first ever job was — I didn't expect his reply — and it was cool to see that side of him and dig into it more.

He also told us about the amazing wedding gift that fellow country artist, Hardy, got for him — great story in that, can't wait for you to hear it. Jameson also has a song that he gave to Jason Aldean that he wishes he had back, he told us about that and so much more.

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