Want to have a little fun when you head out to the Fall Festival? This will make your visit to Franklin Street much more entertaining!

Fall Festival - Street View at Night

It's a given that you will see a lot of unique things out at the Fall Festival, so why not have a little fun with it? That's why we have created the Fall Fest Sighting Bingo Cards full of things that you will surely see at the Fall Festival. Here's how to play:

  • Download the Fall Fest Sighting Bingo card
  • Go to the Fall Festival
  • See which of your friends get a Bingo first!

Last year, my friends and I created our own cards. This year, WKDQ has provide some things on the card, but we left plenty of free spaces for your to fill in your own things that you are likely to see at the Fall Festival, that way no two cards are alike. It can be anything from a type of food to someone wearing a wrestling shirt (which will most likely be me).

Download the WKDQ Fall Fest Sighting Bingo Card HERE.




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