Every bench warmer on every high school football team in America dreams of scoring just one touchdown before the playing days are over. That was the dream of Patrick Myshrall, a 17-year-old junior at his high school in Massachusetts who joined the football team without his parents' knowledge and did what seemed to be the unthinkable. Patrick is only five-feet-four and weighs 125 pounds and has Down Syndrome. Last Friday, Patrick's coach made a deal with him that if the outcome of the game was not in doubt, regardless of which team was ahead, Patrick would get in for one play and what a play it was.

The coach called timeout and put Patrick in at running back. The ball was snapped, the quarterback handed the ball to Patrick who ran outside the right tackle and straight into the end zone....TOUCHDOWN!!! The opposing team did not really try and tackle Patrick and both teams erupted in thunderous applause and Patrick could not have been happier as you can see below. Way to go Patrick and thank you for inspiring other kids who might think they can't, when in reality, they can and you showed them the way.