Tossing bread crumbs to ducks or geese is something we've all seen people do in the movies and on tv but it's actually not that great of an idea in real life.

Feeding bread to water fowl or leaving apples or corn for the roaming deer may seem harmless but it actually isn't good for the animals at all. According to  Facebook post from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, it can actually "do more harm than good for wildlife."

Many of the foods that we as humans eat are nutritionally not healthy for wild animals. They might even be considered "junk food," according to the Indiana DNR. Those junk foods - like bread, corn, apples, etc - can cause serious health issues and medical concerns for wild animals.

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says that feeding wildlife can not only create increased aggression in the animals and spread disease but can even disrupt natural behaviors and create a dependence on humans for food.

Despite good intentions, feeding wildlife can cause dependency on people for food, disrupt natural behaviors, increase aggression and spread disease. Handing out bread to ducks and geese or leaving out corn and apples for deer is common in Indiana. however, these practices can do more harm than good for wildlife.

If you find yourself feeling like you absolutely must feed the wildlife, consider planting foods that they might find on their own in the wild to eat - native grasses and wild flowers. To see a full list of ways that you can foster positive interactions with the wildlife around you, visit the Indiana Department of Natural Resources website.

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