Evansville, Indiana made international news last month after two fugitives from Alabama were located right here in our little city. Why in the world Casey White and Vickey White (No relation) decided to rent room 150 at Motel 41 might always remain a mystery. One big question everyone has is who will get the reward money for the capture of Casey White.


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Proclaims a Reward

Alabama Proclamation
Alabama Proclamation

The U.S. Marshals Service also offered up to $10,000 for information leading to the capture of Casey White. No decision has been announced about their reward.

Lauderdale County Escape of Casey White Rewards

District Attorney Chris Connolly recommended the person that Alabama Governor Ivey issued the $5,000 reward to. We don't know who this person is because they have chosen to be anonymous, but we do know that it was not James Stinson. James is the owner of the Evansville car wash where a vehicle that was later connected to this case was found.

epd / canva
epd / canva

Alabama Governor Ivey's Statement:

“Thanks to the good information from this citizen and the diligent work from law enforcement in Alabama all the way to Indiana, we were able to put the bad guy behind bars where he belongs. I look forward to justice being served."

What About James Stinson?

Plenty of folks on social media argue that James Stinson deserves the reward money for the capture of Casey White. In fact, a GoFundMe account has been set up in his name. As of June 3, 2022, has been raised $5,175

 Since car wash owner James Stinson had information that led law enforcement to the subjects we were searching for, we'd like to give Mr. Stinson some reward money. We hope that you will contribute and share this fundraiser as we continue to seek justice for Connie Ridgeway.


Nationwide Manhunt For Alabama Fugitives Ends in Evansville, Indiana

The Evansville Police Department released a series of videos from officers' first-hand videos obtained from body cams and dash cams. This first video is from May 4, 2022, when an Evansville Police Officer was dispatched to check a suspicious vehicle at a local car wash. The vehicle was later determined to be involved in this investigation.

Evansville Police Department Video 1

Evansville Police Department Video 2

In this dash cam video from May 9, 2022, you will see the officers apprehending Casey White following the short chase on Highway 41 North.

*Some viewers may find parts of this video disturbing, due to the general nature of what happened.


U.S. Marshal

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