This morning on the Q Crew Radio Show, we have been talking about kissing anyone but your significant other on the lips. Apparently, it's a very polarizing topic! Leslie kisses her kids (two of them are grown) and Dave will barely kiss his wife! Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch. Anyway, let's see what the tristate says about this...

Mark DeMoss Leslie is dead wrong, kissing on lips is for husband/wife only. I hate saying she is wrong because it's the only time I know of that she has been wrong. 😘 lol sorry Leslie, and I'm even from Ky
Mike Sanders Kinda all depends on what family member it is. Do I kiss my daughters? Hell yes I do. I will until they get older and it makes them uncomfortable. Would I kiss my cousin? Hell no. Who knows where those lips have been. Lol. But, I feel awkward about kissing my mom or more dad. So I don't. I feel the only adult I should kiss is my wife.
Nancy Beamon Jones I think kissing them on the cheeks of forehead is better. You never know when they are starting to get sick and then you will get it too. A good hug always works too.
Eric Daniel Absolutely! I find it disturbing!! Even your kids on your lips, yuck! Just the thought of my mom trying that makes me wanna learn karate!!
Ronetta Marie Stuckey A peck is okay, depending on the person you're pecking. I save my kisses for my fiance. A kiss on the check is okay for kids, grandkids and friends. I don't think my kids would like me kissing them on the lips "uncomfortable"! The question should be "do you want someone other than your spouse kissing you on the lips?" I think most would say NO!
Carner Marnita I mean do you actually know where your mothers lips let alone mouth has been?!?? Umm no thanks. Young kids and spouse. Thts it lol
Alanna French Absolutely! That's for your spouse and kids when they are young!
Emily Offil Dunbar I miss my spouse and my kids on the lips. The rest get the Top of my head
Breanna Spurlock I kiss my kids on the lips, but they are 4,2 and 4 months! I don't kiss any other family members on the lips 😷
Logan Slown I agree with Dave. Leslie must be from Kentucky. Kissing on the lips is for spouses only
Cathy Sue McLevain I don't kiss anyone on the lips except for my husband my children and grandchildren cheek and forehead but that's it
Betty Frankie Frashure I would never kiss my Mom or Dad on the Lips. That for my Spouse Only. That's too Weird.
Brandy Deffendoll Spouses and your little ones, that's it😙
Suzanne Williams Yes! Spouse only since I don't have children!
Tina Wilkins My dogs kiss me on 💋 haven't kissed spouse on 💋 in over 10yrs lol
Misty Jones-skaggs Just plain gross!!!
Hilda Nagy YES!!!!!!

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