Have you ever watched your cat jump, walk, and climb and wonder if they even have knees?  It doesn't look like they do. It's so weird.

I have three cats they all look completely different and have different personalities, but they all move the same. The movements are so very fluid it seems like they don't have any joints. Even the way they curl up is crazy. My cats can curl themselves up to about a quartet of their actual size if the box they want to hide is small. Cat's are animal contortionists.

I had to find out so gather my cats around and we searched Google for the answer.


Turns out the answer is yes, but different yet the same. I know, it's confusing. Here is what I, I mean WE (the cats helped) found.

...cat knees are pretty similar to human knees, Bui explains. The one key difference: the angle between the kitty's knee and her hips. This angle varies not only between cats and humans but between different breeds of cats. - <a href="https://www.dailypaws.com/cats-kittens/health-care/do-cats-have-knees">



Look at the knees, they're just like if our legs were put on backward.


Think that is interesting, you will love these other cat facts.

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