I'm one of those people that didn't have a great relationship with my father. I've regretted it some days, but someday it was a two way street. So naturally, Father's Day songs and I haven't mixed. One, cause somewhere they pull at that string that makes me cry. I ugly cry, and I don't like to cry at all. Two, I'm one that likes to pick different things.

1. Red Sovine, he has two of these bad boys on there. You might know his as doing the Teddy Bear song. (Nope, that doesn't make this one) You have Daddy's girl and Giddy up go. Both are great songs. His songs are just sappy!

2. Conway Twitty- Thats My Job

So, yeah, this is a typical song. BUT If you can only see me now. Just 50 seconds in to song, my eyes are leaking and my nose has become snotty.


4.Randy Travis- He Walked on Water

  So the song isn't about his father BUT his great grandfather. Can you imagine the love and joy of being able to be around a great grandparent. I know I would've loved to met my great grandmother on my moms side. She chewed tobacco, and apparently liked to hike her dress up to use the bathroom..... Outside. Not the the out house, outside.

5. Carrie Underwood- Blown Away Yes, this definitely isn't the lovely fathers day song, but Not all fathers are the best.




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