For all intents and purposes, summer is over. Usually, that also means the days of jumping in the pool for a swim are done too. However, that won't be the case this year as the all-new Deaconess Aquatic Center in Evansville will be opening soon giving us all the chance to enjoy some pool play any time of the year regardless of whether it's 100-degrees outside, or there are six inches of snow on the ground.

The office of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke released the video below on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube announcing the new facility at Garvin Park on the city's north side will officially open to the public on October 4th, the same day the 100th edition of the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival gets underway.

The $30 million facility sits across from Bosse Field on the corner of Morgan Avenue and Don Mattingly Way will replace Lloyd Pool on North First Avenue as the only indoor pool in the city. It's designed to not only be a facility the general public can use but one that will have the capability of hosting competitive swim and diving meets. According to the Evansville Visitor's Bureau website, it features a 50-meter competitive pool, a separated diving well, one and three-meter springboards, four separate locker rooms for both participants and officials, plus relay touchpads, a timing system, and just under 1,000 seats for spectators. A separate "recreational" pool will be available for use by the general public, as well as an outdoor splash pad for when the heat and humidity return to the Tri-State during the summer months. According to information provided by the Mayor's office, the competition pool will open at 5 a.m. for lap swimming. Recreation pool opens at 9 a.m.

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The City will host an official dedication ceremony on Friday, October 1st. The ceremony will be live-streamed through the Mayor's Facebook page.

[Source: Office of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke]


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