Have you noticed that its lighter longer out? I noticed on Thursday when I was headed home.


O.K. I was trying to get home.... But you can see I wasn't going fast, like I need to get ANOTHER speeding ticket. But Its a quarter to 6pm and it was still light out!! After the horrible week, I'm ready for more sunlight and less dreariness. This week has been day after day of crazy including getting pulled over, finding out my caps for my were going to look like Chiclets in my mouth, biting my dentist(Yes, I'm in my 30's and I bit my dentist), then the comedic fun that follows me with relationships or lack of, my dogs, and family.

So here's to Spring!!! Yeah, loosing an hour is shotty, but that is what naps are for!! Just be sure to change those clocks, or you will be late!


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