There's something nostalgic about "10,000 Hours, "Dan + Shay's collaboration with Justin Bieber. The new song recalls great harmonic boy bands of the mid-1990s, a time when lyrics were more important than production.

That's no shade at 'N Sync. OK, maybe it's a little shade at 'N Sync, but "10,000 Hours" is first and foremost a lyrical and vocal showcase. Shay Mooney's falsetto is among the best in country music, but Bieber's tiptoe range matches him, albeit with less force. He's a good fit on the second verse of this simple three-minute love song.

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney co-wrote the mid-tempo track with Bieber, Jordan Reynolds, Jessie Jo Dillon and Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd. Smyers produced the song, and the duo turned to social media on Wednesday (Oct. 2) to tease it, offering a short sample of swelling, orchestral-sounding synthesizers and writing, "@justinbieber | 10.4.19."

One need not understand the 10,000 hours theory of mastery (popularized by author Malcolm Gladwell) to appreciate this message. With complete sincerity, Dan + Shay and Bieber are doting on their wives. It surely made the women in their lives teary-eyed, because this is the kind of romantic thing young lovers want to hear. That is to say it's a homerun for their audience, not unlike "Tequila" was two years ago.

The forthcoming album will mark Dan + Shay's first since releasing their self-titled third album in 2018. The duo scored No. 1 hits with three different songs from that project; "Tequila," "Speechless" and "All to Myself."

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Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber's "10,000 Hours" Lyrics:

Do you love the rain / Does it make it dance / When you jump with your friends at a party / What's your favorite song / Does it make you smile / Do you think of me / When you close your eyes tell me what are you dreaming / Everything I wanna know it all

I'd spend 10,000 hours and 10,000 more / If that's what it takes to learn that sweet heart of yours / And I might never get there but I'm gonna try / If it's 10,000 hours or the rest of my life / I'm gonna love you.

Do you miss the road that you grew up on / Did you get your middle name from your grandma / When you think about your forever now / Do you think of me / When you close your eyes tell me what are you dreaming / Everything I wanna know it all. 

Repeat Chorus

Oh, want the good and the bad, everything in between / Ooo, gotta cure my curiosity. 

Repeat Chorus

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