It's time again for the Country Whuppin' as Thursday's champion, Love and Theft's "Angel Eyes" moves on to face new competition.  It comes in the form of Curb's latest artist, Tim Dugger and his debut single, "Way Past My Beer Time."

Champion - Love and Theft "Angel Eyes"

Love and Theft looks a bit different from the band that scored a Top 10 single with "Runaway" a couple years ago. They have downsized to a duo of Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, and their first single as a duo is called "Angel Eyes."

Challenger - Tim Dugger "Way Past My Beer Time"

I also got a chance to meet this young man in Memphis, during St. Jude's Country Cares Seminar.  Tim Dugger has been performing since he was about seven years old in Alabama.  He's been a big regional success, especially with racing fans.  Tim brings his first single, a honky tonk anthem, "Way Past My Beer Time," into the ring as a challenger for the Country Whuppin'!

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