Remember the good ole days when cheese balls where "Cheez Balls" and they came in a Planters peanut style tin can?  Those were the days! Well Planters is teasing something online, and I have a feeling we could see a return of Cheez Balls!

When I was a kid I loved the tin cans of Planters Cheez Balls.  The other day on Twitter I noticed Planters showed an EBay listing for a tin can of Cheez Balls and it's going for $600! I felt like that was a lot of money for expired Cheez Balls, like they were good...but not THAT good. But the can is new, it expires in 2019, and the seller is "Mr.Peanut"  So what could this mean?

Well it looks like Planters is teasing something, and it seems to be the return of Cheez Balls!

Check out the Ebay listing here, and look at this tweet and the replies, what do you think??

How is this for nostalgia??




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