During my nightly fifteen-minute Tik Tok video viewing time, I came across a science video that literally blew my mind. It was all about eels. I know, seems kind of non-eventful and boring. I mean, what could be so special about eel. Well, there are many things that might lead you to believe they are a species from another planet. Yep, aliens.

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Trust me, this is stuff you never heard of in science class. Maybe if you had, you would have been more interested in all things science. Wait until I throw some of these eel facts at you. Your mind will be blown.

Ok, here we go. The first fact, we don’t have any idea where eels come from, meaning how we get more eels. For instance, with us, there is a mommy and a daddy who really like each other, and well you know the rest. With eels, scientists are baffled because they have been unable to find any reproductive organs. They carry no ovaries or testicles. Yet, more eels are born. Scientists still have yet to observe eels mating in the wild or found a single eel egg.

According to tilln.com,

Even if you cast out the infamous electric eel, the fish are incredibly odd because no one knows where they come from. These sea creatures lack reproductive organs of any kind. ... Scientists believe they know the lifecycle of the eel today, but people have believed to know the whole story before. 

What scientists have discovered is that what was once thought of as different types of eel are actually one life cycle of an eel. See below. Look how the eels change in size structure and color. It is like they completely change for every cycle of their life.

Eels stages
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Here is another mysterious and alien-like fact about eels. They migrate to the Bermuda Triangle to somehow mate and then out of the In Search Of...Bermuda Triangle comes w thousands of baby eels. Notice in the above infographic says the Saragasso Sea, that’s the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has enough mystery on its own and NowI find out this.

Plus, eels are the only water creature, that can migrate saltwater to freshwater then back to saltwater without dying. And, fun fact, they can live on land, without water, for 48 hours because they breathe out their skin and not gills. What?!?!

Check out the video I saw that made me want to write this article. Warning: He does say the F word once. If you don't like that or you are with your kids, don't watch the video. You can pretty much get the gist of the weird alien-like eel from what I wrote.


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You know, aliens don't have to look skinny and boney with big giant heads ad eyes. We don't know what an alien would actually look like. They can really look like anything. The more I learn about the intelligence of the octopus, the more I think THEY are aliens from another planet living in our oceans. Now, I will add eels to that list.

Instead of looking so much to the stars to find aliens, maybe we should be looking down into our oceans. Try not to think about THAT on your next beach vacation.


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