Leslie shared a story of 'corning' in high school with friends. 'Corning'  is when you shuck corn from the Fall harvest, save in a bucket and then hide along the road. Once hidden, you wait for cars to dive by and you throw the corn at the cars. We know, this is SO not a thing that anybody should be doing. It might even be illegal now. Remember, this was the early eighties. She explained that there had been times when she and her friends were chased through the corn friends by drivers who were upset that corn kernels were thrown at their car. Looks like she's not the only one who got into trouble playing this prank.

A WKDQ listener shared her 'corning' story.

I have a funny Corning Story. . We live in the small town of Chandler and this is something my brother did with his you because my brother is like 60 now but anyway him and his buddies spent weeks and weeks shucking corn and had it in 5 gallon buckets and one night late at night they were out walking around with a buckets and they were going to go Corning and a Chandler cop Howard Williams pulled up and asked him what they were doing and they said that they were going over to the park to feed the Ducks and oh Howard made him get in the police car and he took them to the park and made him feed the Ducks like I said that was fifty years ago but it's one of those stories that you here 15-20 times as you're growing up when your parents are talking to the rest of the family.

HAHA! Thanks, Terra!

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