I've known some pretty weird acting dogs in my day. Whether they belonged to me, other family members, or friends, some of these dogs have some very strange and almost human-like quirks.

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We once had a Beagle named, Rex. He was so strange. On the one hand, he hated, and I mean hated being in the house. So, for that reason, he was outside more than he was inside.

Whether it be morning or evening, every time you would feed him, he would dump his food out of his bowl. He would then swoosh and stir it around in the grass like he was tossing a salad with kibble croutons. After he had properly prepared it, dog food - grass- dirt, he would eat it. He would eat all of it.

I guess he was very health conscious. LOL.

My granddog, Mac, is super emotional. Ever since he was a puppy, he cries when his parents leave him. He cries like a person. Mac sobs and quick breathes as a giant, cow-sized, man would do. Did I mention Mac is a Great Dane? To me, that makes it even funnier.

While they were on their honeymoon, my younger son watched him. He told us that Mac was so upset, that he threw up every day and had to sit on his lap, while he cried, so he should put his head on Hayden's shoulder.

Mac is a hot mess.

Like the Corgi below, from Middleton, Indiana, both Rex and Mac have things they do that make it seem like they are human. But, Eevee's thing is not dog food salad or boohooing episodes, she loves to go down the slide.

Just like a child at their favorite playground, she heads right for her favorite slide and goes down it over and over again.

Here is what her mom had to say,

This is Eevee, a 3-year-old Welsh Pembroke corgi. She loves going to the park and playing with 'her' kids. She has recently discovered how awesome the curly slide is, and races the kids back to the top!



[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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