I love when I'm listening to an old mp3 players. You get this time frame of music that you loved at a time but then you completely forget about, until you unearth them. Well, these two songs didn't originate on mp3 players. I might have herd them on tape and maybe record.

My first forgotten love is by Steve Warnier. This guy did have a few other songs besides this one. "Linda", "Some Fools Never Learn", the very popular "Holes in the Floor of Heaven", and this lovey one, "The Weekend".



Next we have a tune from 1982. I had NO clue it was that much of a classic. Its a nice single year older than me. I remember liking it as a kid. I got older, and as we always do when we get older, we learn the words and what they mean in a song. The classic partner cheating in a song and aint "Nobody" gonna take Ms. Sylvia's place.


Hope you enjoy these little fun songs. Yes, I now have both of these on my phone to listen when I please. So far from the original way they came out.


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