With Christmas just a two days away, there are a 3 things I hope you remember....

family of candy canes
Anne Marie Blackman / RockYourUglyChristmasSweater.com

Enjoy your time with the ones you surround yourself with. You don't know when the day will come and they wont be there. I admit, I have to brace myself when I have gatherings. Its not from the hate of family, but there are a lot of people in one space.


Be sure to take some time for yourself. Its a busy time of year. Take time to breathe, sleep, nap, and relax. Its the time of season to help and do for others, I get that. But you can wear yourself out and it ruins everything.

Lastly, Just smile. Coming from me, It's hard. Somedays you wanna be the worlds biggest grump and just give a look to people that will burn flesh. But seeing people smile back at you, it kinda helps my mood.


Merry Christmas!



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