What are some of the reasons people listen to police scanners? Is it to know what is happening in their neighborhood? Is it because they don't have FOX's streaming service so they can't watch COPS? Are they just nosey? It could be all the above.

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I stumbled upon a great Illinois police scanner account on Twitter and I had to immediately follow the account. I don't live in the area where the crime-fighting is happening but, dang, is it great entertainment.


We in Illinois have heard all the comments and jokes about the crime in Illinois. It's as if there is no crime anywhere else in the country.


Crime is everywhere, ladies and gentlemen, and definitely in Chicago.

You're going to want to follow this account on Twitter.

The account is @Chicago_Scanner and some of their tweets are amusing, to say the least. Let's start off with a drunk person incident.

He must have been really drunk. How about another drunky?

This next tweet doesn't confirm if a drunk person was involved but, based on the incident, I bet a few drinks were involved.

This one involves a parking spot at Target. It must have been one stellar parking spot.

Hell hath no fury like a man whose nap is interrupted. Calm down, dude.

This next incident sounds like a setup for The Jerry Springer Show.

For this next one, a man stole food and possibly went back for seconds.

Another incident can be summed up in one word; duh.

Don't catch a man in a parka in the wrong alley.

There's this lady with a stick.

This guy got kicked out of the one place that wants everyone to walk through its doors, a church.

Based on all the above incidents, this season in Chicago is perfectly described with one tweet.

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