The Children's Museum of Evansville has a few new additions outside of the building for kids (and even the kids at heart) to enjoy. It's their new Musical Landscape and it is something that you can't walk by without playing.

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

Instruments like xylophones, chimes, and drums are spread across the front of the building ready for you to make music. The exhibit is still a work in progress, as they are planing to spice up the landscaping with colorful flowers in flowerbeds. Not only that, but SnickerDoodle Art will be paining the sidewalk with interactive things for people to enjoy such as musical notes and hopscotch.

The cool thing is, it's all free for anyone to walk by and enjoy.

The Musical Landscape should be completed by the end of the month, but you should totally walk by and have some fun with the instruments! Check out a few of the pictures that I took earlier today:

cMoe Musical Landscape

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