The Chainsaw Garden looks like a graveyard of chainsaws when you pass by.

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Roadside Attractions

There's something uniquely American about a road trip.  And sometimes the goal isn't even the destination, but the actual road trip itself.  Along the road you'll often see some roadside attractions, but what exactly is a roadside attraction? According to the Encyclopedia of the Great Plains, a roadside attraction is anything that takes your attention away from your end goal of reaching your destination.

What most people mean by "roadside attraction" is a site that has in some way been "framed" and consciously presented to a public audience for visitation and viewing. It is a "roadside" phenomenon both in the obvious sense that it exists in some proximity to regular routes of public movement and in the sense that it has the particular capacity to draw, at least briefly, a traveler's attention away from the goal of reaching an intended destination.

In short, a roadside attraction is basically a short distraction from your road trip.

The Chainsaw Garden (Graveyard)

If you're ever driving through Hardinsburg, Indiana you may see a strange sight along the side of the road.  This roadside attraction is known as Chainsaw Garden, but it definitely looks like an eerie chainsaw graveyard.


According to there are 66 chainsaws to correspond with the fact the chainsaws sit off of highway 66.

The Chainsaw Garden features 66 chainsaws -- corresponding with the number of the highway that it's on, State Road 66 -- stuck in the ground in crop-like rows.

I can't find any information on how the Chainsaw Garden came to be, but I'd love to know the inspiration here.

Chainsaws are Visible From the Road but are Located on Private Property

The Chainsaw Garden is visible from the road, but if you want to check it out for yourself, be sure to check with the property owner first before going onto their property.  Word on the internet is the owner is pretty hospitable and welcoming to those who ask to get a closer view of the Chainsaw Garden.  However, do NOT go onto this person's property without asking.  The good news is, that the Chainsaw Garden is visible from the road, so you can see it from the road without having to go onto the owner's property.   If you want to see it for yourself, has the directions step by step on their page.

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