Allow us to introduce you to this week's Pet of the Week from the Vanderburgh Humane Society.

Meet Cordelia!

Hi, my name is Cordelia! I’m a beautiful one-year-old tortie girl who has been up for adoption at the VHS for a whopping 213 days! After arriving with my twin sister, Buffy, we spent a month or two just warming up to our new surroundings. Buffy is still on the shy side and relies heavily on me for social cues and comfort. Look at me now, though! I even have my favorite spot that I REFUSE to give up. I should mention that sis and I are a bonded pair and need to go home together. She’ll need time to warm up in her new home and I can’t wait to show her the ropes! Together, our adoption fee is $130 and includes our spays, microchips, and vaccinations. Visit to learn more!
Cordelia                                                                                    Buffy
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What is happening at the VHS?

VHS is offering standard cat and dog vaccinations, basic disease testing (FELV, FIV, Heartworm), flea prevention, heartworm prevention, and ID microchipping.
Walk-in ONLY! Open 7:30 am-1:30 pm
First come, first serve via taking a number system.
Please understand that they are trying to see as many clients as possible, but the demand is often greater than time allows.
**IMPORTANT** If you are bringing an unvaccinated puppy, please keep them off of the ground to minimize the risk of spreading disease/illness.
Upcoming Saturday pet vaccine clinic dates:
September 17
Visit for more information. This is a vaccine clinic ONLY. To learn about our spay/neuter services, visit

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