Growing up, we never had a cat. So, I didn't know how awesome, yet lovably frustrating they are. Now, I have three cats and I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, most of the time.

During the morning show, I will often tell stories of Bob and Emmy, but mostly Mr. Marty Snuggles. He is the latest cat to just appear in our yard. When you live in the county, dogs, and cats just randomly show up in your yard. People, people with no heart people, will just drop their unwanted pets off on the side of the road. Luckily, we will accept whatever pet finds its way to us and make them a part of our family.

Anyway, back to my craziest of cats, Marty. When I saw this new party game on Facebook, I thought of him. I swear he's the sweetest, most annoying, and handsome cat ever. He makes the funniest faces and thinks he's a dog most of the time.  He would be the perfect model for the photos and video images in this meme game. I just love him though. <3

Mr. Marty Snuggles
Mr. Marty Snuggles
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The game is called Cat Face. On the Pet Collective website, they say it's a game for cat lovers and I think I need to order one ASAP. Everyone in my family is a cat lover, thanks to us, even the ones that don't have cats of their own.

If you're familiar with the What Do You Meme? game, the Cat Face game is very similar. The only difference is it all about cats. You match hilarious cat images with outrageous phrases to create the best combinations. I love it. 

According to their website,

Cat Face is a cat meme party game brought to you by the crazy cat people at The Pet Collective. Featuring cats from some of your favorite viral videos, players compete to find the funniest combination of cat faces and funny captions (no litter box required).


The game is $19.99 with an add-on Kitten Edition for an additional $11.99. If you are in a real party mood, the website also offers a Drinking Edition too.

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