As we have seen over the past two years, the internet is full of opinions. Some we agree and some we don't. Some that are relevant and important in the grand scheme of things, and some that just aren't that big of deal. Now, the internet say that we are buttering out bread wrong. Yep, a global problem that we can now correct. (inset sarcasm)

Which buttering your bread are we talking about?

So, like any good content creator does, I Googled the possibilities. Here is the first thing that popped up from

To benefit or profit from two or more separate and often contradictory or incompatible things or sources. The CEO buttered her bread on both sides, secretly investing in oil companies while publicly backing green energy initiatives to gain popular support.

Now, that seems like a problem that the internet or somebody should be solving. Right?

But, that's not the buttering you bread that is up for debate. It's that kind that includes a piece of bread, a knife, and some butter.

The debate.

There is an etiquette expert on YouTube and Tik Tok that has made a video claiming we've been buttering bread wrong all of this time.

We aren't supposed to be taking a whole piece of bread, taking a knife, and spreading butter on the whole, entire slice. Instead, we should be breaking the bread into pieces and buttering each individual, small, bite size piece.

I'm just going to leave that right there for a moment. Let that sink in. Ok. You good? Asking yourself, why? Me, too.

Apparently, it's more proper and cultured to put a dainty piece of buttered bread in your mouth than taking a big ole bite out of the entire slice. Ok, i guess. Maybe, I can see that a little bit.

How to butter your bread like civilized (insert sarcasm) people do.

Here is the video that is shaming us all. LOL


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