How to get teenagers to keep their rooms clean is a question parents never stop asking. I can remember my parents getting on to us, mainly me, about cleaning our room. She even tried grounding me to keep it clean and nothing worked. I still shoved stuff under my bed and threw clothes on my bedroom floor. Do you know the saying what goes around, comes around? Well, it's true, it does.

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All of my three kids have been pretty bad about not keeping their rooms clean, but my youngest son is the worst. He didn't use to be. When he was younger, he would put his toys away and at least throw his dirty clothes in the closet. But, as he reached his teen years, it was like living with someone on the show Hoarders. I'm serious, there have been times I can't find a clear space of floor to walk on. Don't get me started on the cups with curdled milk in the bottom, dirty plates, and empty potato chip bags laying around everywhere.

Yes, my son will have a week's worth of this kitchen take-out sitting around on his dresser, nightstand, and desk. It's disgusting and gross. I've tried everything to get him to simply bring the trach, plates, bowls, and cups to the kitchen, but nothing works. I've even made him do all of the dishes by hand since the dishwasher can't get the caked-on gunk off. But, he still does it. And, I am NOT picking the stuff up for him. No way. It's the principle of it. A battle of wills at this point.

When I saw this teenage parenting hack, dealing with this issue, I was all in. Before I tell you what happened, this is how Chad solved this gross teenage habit of trashing their bedroom.

So, I have teenage kids. I’m always arguing with them about not eating in their room, returning dirty dishes to the kitchen. I threatened that they're going to end up with a mouse in their room that will bring friends to the house... I got tired of singing the same song and decided to teach them a lesson. I went to Whole Foods, purchased some black rice, and sprinkled it in their closet, under their bed, I even added a few under their covers. It looks like mice droppings and it scared the shit out of them. Needless to say- we don’t have that room cleaning issue anymore.

Chad McHunt/Facebook
Chad McHunt/Facebook

Did it work? Chad had this to say...

Worked a treat on my kids until after they finished cleaning I then popped a piece of rice into my mouth watched their horrified looks and then explained what it was. They vouched payback, big time. I'm still looking over my shoulder.

Yes! This is so great, right? So, I went and got some black rice and planned to put them around his room when he was at work. But, on the very same day, I was going to plant the rice, he rushed out of his room with a horrified look on his face. Apparently, he had discovered a roach on his desk when he picked up some stuff on his desk.

I explained to him the roaches thrive on clutter and trash. He then went in, cleaned, and picked up everything in his room. So, I will save Chad's parenting hack for next week. LOL

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