This is just another reason why Brad Paisley is one of my favorite country artists. Not only can he write a song about fishing and then turn right around and tug at your heart strings with a song about heartbreak like "Whiskey Lullaby," but he also genuinely loves music and wants to share his love with his young fans.

If you have ever been to a Brad Paisley concert, maybe you have seen him give away one of the guitars that he plays to a young fan in the crowd. It's something that he hopes will change the kids' life for the better. Surely it will be something that they remember for the rest of their life, but his hope is that they learn to play the guitar.

He says if he sees "the right kid on the right night," then he just may give him a guitar.  However, he has some instructions for them. Every time he gives a guitar away he tells the kid that he wants them to learn how to play it.

Brad gave away another guitar over the weekend at his show in New Hampshire. Later, he took to social media to send a message to the boy who received the guitar. Brad explains a little more about why it's important to him that he gives away these guitars, and it all begins with Brad's Grandpa.

We need more of this generosity in this day in age. Brad doesn't have to give away these expensive guitars. However he does it because of his passion for music. He wants to spread that love to help others, just like his Grandpa did for him.

I have seen Brad countless times now, but I still remember the first time I saw him. I was in high school at Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana. My bosses at the time got front row tickets. They knew I liked Brad and his music, so they invited me to tag along. I became a bigger fan of his that night. His love and passion for music shined on that stage and he became one of my influences to follow my dream of being in the country music business. His song "Easy Money" has a lyric that somehow has stuck with me to this day.

I used to have an ex-girlfriend
That didn't understand
She said, "Boy you're going nowhere fast
You oughta get a real job
Why don't you quit that band?"
Now she can kiss my backstage pass


Take that, ex-girlfriends who doubted me! In all seriousness though, his music has a way of relating to folks in a variety of ways. I share the same passion for music as he does, and he is one of the reasons to thank for that. Now, I may not have received a guitar from him that night at Roberts Stadium, but the intangible gift that he unknowingly gave to me that night will never be forgotten.  Keep doing what you are doing, Brad! It has a bigger impact on your young fans than you may realize!

Travis Sams
Travis Sams

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