Blake Shelton let fans peek into his life with Gwen Stefani on Ellen on Thursday (Dec. 20) when the country music superstar played a little game called 5 Second Rule.

Competing against actress Sandra Bullock, Shelton was to name three things in less than five seconds after being asked the question" "Name three things Gwen Stefani makes fun of you for?"

"My hair, my socks and the same shirt I wear everyday," Shelton shouted out.

Taking a page from Bullock's book, Shelton hilariously responded to a question about what he and Stefani do when her kids go to bed with: "watch porn, (watch) cooking shows and ... Instagram."

But before the game even started, Shelton had his game face on, especially Bullock recalled meeting him previously during an appearance on Jay Leno's Tonight Show.

"There is no reason for us to be friendly, because this is a competition,” Shelton told Bullock, both competitors wearing eerily similar denim outfits. "Don't try to talk about how we were old friends on the Jay Leno Show. I'm ready to bring it on."

And while It looked like Shelton might lose the game when he couldn't come up with "three excuses to get out of a speeding ticket," host Ellen DeGeneres made sure everyone went home a winner by handing out a 5 Second Rule board game. The audience also got to enjoy a performance from Shelton of his current single "Turnin’ Me On."

"Here to perform the song he sings to Gwen Stefani every night …” DeGeneres remarked as she introduced him.

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