WHAT?!?!?!?! A Black Bear!!!! Is that even possible??? In KY?

Saw this FB post on my friend April's page. The bear was spotted near Reynolds Station, Hancock County. YIKES!!!

When you catch a Bear on your trail cam in KY! 😂My son has been trying to convince me all day he heard a Bear when he was in his deer stand this morning and I’ve been telling him he’s crazy! And then our friend whose farm is right next door to ours posted this and said there’s a few out there!....


That sure looks like a bear!!!!! Are there really Black Bears in Kentucky???

.....Vast portions of Kentucky region that were cleared for timber are once again mature hardwood forests. Consequently, bears that filtered into Kentucky from our Southern Appalachian neighbors had access to large, remote tracts of quality forest habitat. As a result, Kentucky is now home to a resident bear population that is experiencing considerable increases in both numbers and range.

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