Big & Rich are working on a third-straight Top 10 single from their Gravity album — an impressive feat for any independent artist. The "Lovin' Lately" singers say they're also working on new music, and they're particularly excited about one song with a very Big & Rich-like title.

The song is called "Congratulations, You're a Rock Star" and it's impossible to ignore John Rich and Big Kenny's enthusiasm for the new music. At the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival, the duo told Taste of Country they've been in the studio this month recording and writing. There's not timetable for the next album quite yet, though.

"Lovin' Lately" is a collaboration with Tim McGraw. McGraw came up with the idea for the ballad and also joins them on the recording and in the music video. “To be able to do something with him on this record, he took us on our first tour way back in 2004," Rich says. "Pretty cool circle that we’ve been able to complete there.”

Of course, their catalog of hits was the focus of their set at the Taste of Country Music Festival. Cowboy Troy joined them, as did Spiderman and a member of the U.S. military. Honoring veterans is a staple of a Big & Rich show. They let a vet speak and do a shot of whiskey with them if they want. And they continue to find inspiration in those stories.

"We had two medal of honor winners with us on Memorial Day,” Big Kenny recalls. “We’ve gotten to meet so many of these across the country, it goes back to Niles Harris, ‘8th of November.’” Harris inspired "8th of November," a song from the duo's Comin' to Your City album.

Next weekend, look for Big & Rich at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo.

Big and Rich Play 2016 ToC Festival!