Winter is FINALLY gone and that means more fun times outside!! For many of us, this means trips to the playground. But, which one to go to? Are some of the parks worth a little bit of a drive? Or, even a long drive? YES!!! There are SO many awesome parks in the Tri-State but I decided to narrow it down to five for you. In no particular order.... :-)

Fortress of Fun

In Newburgh, IN there lies a fortress. Not just any fortress but The Fortress of Fun!! It is THE perfect place for kids. A fairly new, wooden playground with slides, bridges and towers. It's surrounded by shady areas to run and play!! Newburgh is located in Warrick Couty. Mke this playground a definite part of your summertime plans!!  My 8 and 9 year olds (acting as my blogging consultants) gave it..... **** stars out of 5


Imagination Station

Mt. Vernon, in typical Posey county fashion, appeals to our imaginations guested it....Imagination Station. The playground was actually designed by the kids in the community.  They also named it because it is located by the library, the picked the name Imagination Station. Very clever. It is an supper fun place to play and as an added bonus, you can visit the library which has numerous summertime activites planned. My kids gave it... *** out of 5 stars. Go to this page for more details


Kid's Kingdom

Located in the heart of downtown Evansville, near the Ohio River is Kid's Kingdom. A truly magical whimsical playground. Once, I actually pretented I was a princess at the playground. Was it when I was a child, NO! It was just last year during a concert ticket scavenger hunt. I hid in a tower and waited for my prince to come. He didn't, but, a VERY happy lady won free concert tickets!!  The setting is incredibly beautiful with many areas for parents to sit and smile as they watch their children play. The playground is also surrounded by a walking path.  My kids gave it....**** out of 5 stars!


Wesselman Woods

Mixing a love of  nature with the love of fun is Wesselman's Playground. Located on the east side of Evansville, IN, right off the Lloyd Expressway, Wesselman's bring country to the city.  Not only does it have a GREAT playground but your kids can almost run as far as they can see. There are trees and places to play football, baseball, softball, anything. Wesselman's even has basketball courts. My kids LOVE it!!! ***** out if 5 stars


Burdette Park

Finally,  for fun in ALL forms, Burdette Park playground located in one of the most beautiful areas in Vanderburgh County, IN. Their motto is A WONDERFUL WAY . . . TO HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ! ! ! And, THAT is SO true!!! It has everything....even water. This area...with everything from an Aquatic Center to Miniature Golf, it's a  favorite of all kids across the tri-state. If you have never been, GO this summer!! My kids give it ***** out of 5 stars and then added 5 more!!

Enjoy your summer visiting these playgrounds or even the playground in your backyard. The outdoors await..... :-)