Do you chug beer like a champ, but have no trophy to prove it? Or, are you and a buddy convinced that if Cornhole, Flip Cup, and Beer Pong were Olympic sports you'd be gold medalists? Your chance to prove it by putting those skills to work against other beer-lovers is coming up in September when the "Beerlympics" make their way to Spencer, Indiana.

What Are the Beerlympics?

I had never heard of the Beerlympics until I saw a flyer shared on the Indiana forum on Reddit. The event was created by Pro Beer Sports, a group that has one noble mission according to their website:

The goal of Pro Beer Sports™ is to remove the "party game" stigma from drinking games by standardizing the rules and treating each game as an official sport. We want people to feel the thrill of victory felt by their favorite pro athletes, but with less running and more drinking. Our games and rules have been play tested and perfected for years to ensure simplicity, fairness, and maximum fun.

Although the Beerlympics are new to me, Pro Beer Sports has been putting on the event at locations around the U.S. for over 10 years. The competition includes popular games usually associated with drinking beer. For example, the aforementioned Cornhole, Beer Pong, and Flip Cup. In addition to those games, Pro Beer Sports has created a few others you may or may not have heard of, including Sink the Biz, Quarters, Ponghole, and Mug Race where teams of four line up on opposite sides of a table and race to see which team can finish all mugs of beer first. Check out the video below for an overview of past Beerlympics.

2022 Beerlympics Being Held in Spencer, Indiana September 10th

This year's Beerlympics will be held at Stable Studios in Spencer, Indiana, roughly 45 minutes northwest of Bloomington. Up to 32 teams will compete for the chance to be crowned the Beerlympics champion. Registration is $60 for individuals or $300 for a team of four to five players. If you're not interested in playing and prefer to watch the sidelines, spectator tickets are available for $35 each. Regardless of which route you choose, all admission prices include unlimited beer samples from 12:00 to 8:00 PM during the event.

If you think you have what it takes, or you just want to watch, tickets can be purchased through the Pro Beer Sports website.


[Source: Pro Beer Sports]

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