Be a bottle of water and not a bottle of soda? What could that mean? When I found out, it made perfect sense to me. And, when I posted it to my Facebook page, it seemed to e something a lot of people needed to hear.

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Do you know when you see something or get some sort of a sign at just the right time? That is what happened to me when I saw the above meme as I was scrolling through Linkedin.

Earlier that day, my husband and I had gotten into a fight about our son. I, as usual, get defensive and start to fly off the handle. My husband seems to always stay calm.

I come from a long line of feisty, stubborn, and opinionated people. When I get hot fired up and shaken, much like the soda bottle, I explode.

My husband with just a few exceptions is more like the water bottle. Even though  I may unconsciously try my best to shake his bottle to explode, he doesn't. It's probably one of the reasons he's a perfect match for me.

After I saw the post, I knew I needed to apologize to him for my outburst. As my sister pointed out, I wasn't listening to him. We should never argue about our kids. We should be a team. Like buy one, get one, bottles of water. So, much better than two-for-one sodas.

Never sacrifice your inner peace for anything or anyone. Give up soda, and vow to only have water.

I need to work on this concept, not only with family but even more with work and my career.

Here's to the water bottle in all of us.

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